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Process output text. Prints a message with optional indentation. In general, drush_log($message, 'ok') is often a better choice than this function. That gets your confirmation message (for example) into the logs for this drush request. Consider that drush…
Managing errors that occur in the Drush framework. Functions that manage the current error status of the Drush framework.
Logging information to be provided as output. These functions are primarily for diagnostic purposes, but also provide an overview of tasks that were taken by drush.
Get input from the user. Ask the user a basic yes/no question.
Functions to execute commands.
Filesystem convenience functions.
Extensions management. Functions to manage extensions.
Database convenience functions.
Command processing functions. These functions manage command processing by the main function in drush.php.
Command dispatching functions. These functions handle command dispatching, and can be used to programatically invoke drush commands in different ways.




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