Classes and interfaces

Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Type Namespace Location Description
archiveDumpCase class tests/archiveDumpTest.php
backendCase class tests/backendTest.php
backendUnitCase class tests/backendTest.php
batchCase class tests/batchTest.php @file Tests the drush batch subsystem.
cacheCommandCase class tests/cacheCommandTest.php cache command testing.
commandCase class tests/commandTest.php @group base
commandSpecificCase class tests/commandSpecificTest.php
commandUnitCase class tests/commandUnitTest.php
completeCase class tests/completeTest.php @group base
contextCase class tests/contextTest.php
coreCase class tests/coreTest.php
DrupalServer class commands/runserver/ Extends the HTTPServer class, handling request routing and environment.
DrushBatchContext class includes/ Class extending ArrayObject to allow the batch API to perform logging when some keys of the array change.
DrushCacheInterface interface includes/ Interface for cache implementations.
DrushFileCache class includes/ Default cache implementation.
DrushJSONCache class includes/ JSON cache storage backend.
DrushMakeProject class commands/make/ The base project class.
DrushMakeProject_Core class commands/make/ For processing Drupal core projects.
DrushMakeProject_Library class commands/make/ For processing libraries.
DrushMakeProject_Module class commands/make/ For processing modules.
DrushMakeProject_Profile class commands/make/ For processing installation profiles.
DrushMakeProject_Theme class commands/make/ For processing themes.
DrushMakeProject_Translation class commands/make/ For processing translations.
drushScriptCase class tests/drushScriptTest.php
Drush_CommandTestCase abstract class tests/
Drush_TestCase abstract class tests/
Drush_UnitTestCase abstract class tests/ Base class for Drush unit tests
drush_version_control interface commands/pm/ Interface for version control systems. We use a simple object layer because we conceivably need more than one loaded at a time.
drush_version_control_backup class commands/pm/version_control/
drush_version_control_bzr class commands/pm/version_control/
drush_version_control_svn class commands/pm/version_control/
EnDisUnListCase class tests/pmEnDisUnListTest.php @group slow @group pm
fieldCase class tests/fieldTest.php
FilesystemCase class tests/filesystemTest.php Filesystem related testing.
generateMakeCase class tests/generateMakeTest.php Generate makefile tests
ImageCase class tests/imageTest.php
makeMakefileCase class tests/makeTest.php Make makefile tests. @group make @group slow
pmDownloadCase class tests/pmDownloadTest.php pm-download testing
pmReleaseNotesCase class tests/pmReleaseNotesTest.php @group pm
pmUpdateCode class tests/pmUpdateCodeTest.php
QueueCase class tests/queueTest.php
quickDrupalCase class tests/quickDrupalTest.php core-quick-drupal tests.
releaseInfoCase class tests/releaseInfoTest.php pm testing
saCase class tests/siteAliasTest.php
saUnitCase class tests/siteAliasUnitTest.php @file Unit tests for
shellAliasesCase class tests/shellAliasTest.php
siteInstallD6Case class tests/siteIntallD6Test.php
siteSetCommandCase class tests/siteSetTest.php @group base
siteSetUnitTest class tests/siteSetUnitTest.php @group base
siteSshCase class tests/siteSshTest.php