Classes and interfaces

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Name Typesort ascending Namespace Location Description
drush_version_control interface commands/pm/ Interface for version control systems. We use a simple object layer because we conceivably need more than one loaded at a time.
CacheInterface interface Drush\Cache lib/Drush/Cache/CacheInterface.php Interface for cache implementations.
StatusInfoInterface interface Drush\UpdateService lib/Drush/UpdateService/StatusInfoInterface.php
StorageFilter interface Drush\Config lib/Drush/Config/StorageFilter.php
QueueInterface interface Drush\Queue lib/Drush/Queue/QueueInterface.php Defines an interface for interacting with queues.
CommandfilesInterface interface Drush\Command lib/Drush/Command/CommandfilesInterface.php
Boot interface Drush\Boot lib/Drush/Boot/Boot.php Defines the interface for a Boot classes. Any CMS that wishes to work with Drush should extend BaseBoot. If the CMS has a Drupal-Compatibility layer, then it should extend DrupalBoot.
ParserInterface interface Drush\Make\Parser lib/Drush/Make/Parser/ParserInterface.php
commandUnitCase class Unish tests/commandUnitTest.php
FilesystemCase class Unish tests/filesystemTest.php Filesystem related testing.
ConfigCase class Unish tests/configTest.php Tests for Configuration Management commands for D8+. @group commands @group config
makeMakefileCase class Unish tests/makeTest.php Make makefile tests. @group make @group slow
shellAliasesCase class Unish tests/shellAliasTest.php Tests for Shell aliases.
saUnitCase class Unish tests/siteAliasUnitTest.php Unit tests for
coreCase class Unish tests/coreTest.php Tests for core commands.
pmRequestUnitCase class Unish tests/pmRequestUnitTest.php pm testing
siteInstallD6Case class Unish tests/siteIntallD6Test.php Tests for site-install on a Drupal 6 installation.
releaseInfoCase class Unish tests/releaseInfoTest.php pm testing
sqlSyncTest class Unish tests/sqlSyncTest.php @group slow @group commands @group sql
EnDisUnListInfoCase class Unish tests/pmEnDisUnListInfoTest.php @group slow @group pm
generateMakeCase class Unish tests/generateMakeTest.php Generate makefile tests
SqlDumpTest class Unish tests/sqlDumpTest.php Tests for sql-dump commands.
WatchdogCase class Unish tests/watchdogTest.php @group commands
backendUnitCase class Unish tests/backendUnitTest.php
ImageCase class Unish tests/imageTest.php Tests image-flush command
siteSshCase class Unish tests/siteSshTest.php @file Tests for
siteSetUnitTest class Unish tests/siteSetUnitTest.php @group base
drushScriptCase class Unish tests/drushScriptTest.php Tests for the 'drush' script itself
quickDrupalCase class Unish tests/quickDrupalTest.php core-quick-drupal tests.
commandSpecificCase class Unish tests/commandSpecificTest.php Assure that context API behaves as designed. Mostly implicitly tested, but we do have some edges that need explicit testing. *
VariableCase class Unish tests/variableTest.php @group commands
commandCase class Unish tests/commandTest.php @group base
pmReleaseNotesCase class Unish tests/pmReleaseNotesTest.php @group pm
outputFormatCase class Unish tests/outputFormatTest.php @todo, Consider removing these tests now that we have outputFormatUnitCase.
batchCase class Unish tests/batchTest.php Tests the drush batch subsystem.
backendCase class Unish tests/backendTest.php We choose to test the backend system in two parts.
saCase class Unish tests/siteAliasTest.php Tests for
siteSetCommandCase class Unish tests/siteSetTest.php @group base
outputFormatUnitCase class Unish tests/outputFormatUnitTest.php
userCase class Unish tests/userTest.php @group slow @group commands
completeCase class Unish tests/completeTest.php @group base
roleCase class Unish tests/roleTest.php @group slow @group commands
pmUpdateCode class Unish tests/pmUpdateCodeTest.php @group slow @group pm
initCommandCase class Unish tests/initCommandTest.php Test to see if the `drush init` command does the setup that it is supposed to do.
pmRequestCase class Unish tests/pmRequestTest.php @group pm
ConfigPullCase class Unish tests/configPulltest.php Tests for config-pull command. Sets up two Drupal sites. @group commands @group slow @group config
QueueCase class Unish tests/queueTest.php @group commands
contextCase class Unish tests/contextTest.php
SqlConnectCase class Unish tests/sqlConnectCreateTest.php Tests sql-connect command
fieldCase class Unish tests/fieldTest.php Tests for