function drush_cli_core_cli

8.0.x drush_cli_core_cli()
7.x drush_cli_core_cli()
master drush_cli_core_cli()

Command callback.


commands/core/, line 19


function drush_cli_core_cli() {
  $boris = new \Boris\Boris(drush_sitealias_bootstrapped_site_name() . '> ');
  // Use the Symfony var-dumper to inspect variables.
  $boris->setInspector(new \Drush\Boris\VarDumperInspector());

  // Boris will never return control to us, but our shutdown
  // handler will still run after the user presses ^D.  Mark
  // this command as completed to avoid a spurious error message.
  drush_set_context('DRUSH_EXECUTION_COMPLETED', TRUE);