function drush_config_get_storage_filters

8.0.x drush_config_get_storage_filters()
master drush_config_get_storage_filters()

Presently, the only configuration storage filter that is supported is the 'CoreExtensionFilter'. If other use cases arise that are not supported by Drupal's configuration override system, then we could add a hook here via drush_command_invoke_all('drush_storage_filters');


2 calls to drush_config_get_storage_filters()
drush_config_import in commands/core/
Command callback. Import from specified config directory (defaults to sync).
_drush_config_export in commands/core/


commands/core/, line 601
Provides Configuration Management commands.


function drush_config_get_storage_filters() {
  $result = array();
  $module_adjustments = drush_get_option('skip-modules');
  if (!empty($module_adjustments)) {
    if (is_string($module_adjustments)) {
      $module_adjustments = explode(',', $module_adjustments);
    $result[] = new CoreExtensionFilter($module_adjustments);
  return $result;