function drush_docs_errorcodes

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5.x drush_docs_errorcodes()
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docs-error-codes command. Print a list of all error codes that can be found.


commands/core/, line 161
Documentation commands providing various topics.


function drush_docs_errorcodes() {
  $header = <<<EOD
==== Drush Error Codes ====

Drush error codes are alphanumeric constants that represent an unrecoverable error condition that may arise during the execution of some command.  They are set by the following function:

  return drush_set_error('DRUSH_ERROR_CODE', dt('Error message.'));

In general, any drush command that calls drush_set_error is expected to also return FALSE as its function result.  The drush_set_error function returns FALSE to make it easy to exit with an error code.  Error codes are returned as part of the drush backend invoke process, which is used by drush API functions such as drush_invoke_process.  An example of how to test for a specific error code is shown below:

  \$result = drush_invoke_process('some-command');
  if (array_key_exists('DRUSH_ERROR_CODE', \$result['error_log'])) {
    // handle ocurrances of DRUSH_ERROR_CODE here

Some of the available drush error codes are listed in the table below.


  // Find all of the files that we will search for error messages.
  // Start with all of the commandfiles.
  $commandfiles = drush_commandfile_list();
  $files = array_flip($commandfiles);
  // In addition to the commandfiles, we will also look for files
  // that drush will load when executing a command; examples include
  // and
  $commands = drush_get_commands();
  foreach ($commands as $command_name => $command) {
    $files = array_merge($files, drush_command_get_includes($command_name));
  // We will also search through all of the .inc files in the
  // drush includes directory
  $drush_include_files = drush_scan_directory(DRUSH_BASE_PATH . '/includes', '/.*\.inc$/', array('.', '..', 'CVS'), 0, FALSE);
  foreach ($drush_include_files as $filename => $info) {
    $files[$filename] = 'include';

  // Extract error messages from all command files
  $error_list = array();
  foreach ($files as $file => $commandfile) {
    _drush_docs_find_set_error_calls($error_list, $file, $commandfile);
  // Order error messages alphabetically by key
  // Convert to a table
  $data = array();
  foreach ($error_list as $error_code => $error_messages) {
    $data[] = array($error_code, '-', implode("\n", $error_messages));

  $tmpfile = drush_tempnam('drush-errorcodes.');
  file_put_contents($tmpfile, $header);
  drush_print_table($data, FALSE, array(0 => 35), $tmpfile);