function drush_help_visible

8.0.x drush_help_visible($command_categories)
6.x drush_help_visible($command_categories)
7.x drush_help_visible($command_categories)
5.x drush_help_visible($command_categories)
master drush_help_visible($command_categories)
2 calls to drush_help_visible()
drush_core_help in commands/core/
Command callback for help command. This is the default command, when none other has been specified.
drush_outputformat_html::format in commands/core/outputformat/


commands/core/, line 152


function drush_help_visible($command_categories) {
  $all = array();
  foreach ($command_categories as $category => $info) {
    $all = array_merge($all, $info['commands']);
  return $all;