function drush_test_run_class

6.x drush_test_run_class($class)
5.x drush_test_run_class($class)

Run a test class via drush_invoke_process()


string $class: The test class to run.

Return value

If the command could not be completed successfully, FALSE. If the command was completed, this will return an associative array containing the results of the API call. @see drush_backend_get_result()

1 call to drush_test_run_class()
drush_test_run in commands/core/
Test-run command callback.


commands/core/, line 151
Simpletest module drush integration.


function drush_test_run_class($class) {
  $backend_options = array(
    'output-label' => "$class ",
    'integrate' => TRUE,
    'output' => TRUE,
  $return = drush_invoke_process('@self', 'test-run', array($class), drush_redispatch_get_options(), $backend_options);
  return $return;