function upgrade_drush_help

3.x upgrade_drush_help($section)
4.x upgrade_drush_help($section)

Implement hook_drush_help().


commands/core/, line 66
Refine your Drupal major version upgrade.


function upgrade_drush_help($section) {
  switch ($section) {
    case 'drush:site-upgrade':
      return dt("Execute a major version upgrade for Drupal core and enabled contrib modules. Command will download next version of Drupal and all available contrib modules that have releases. It prepares a settings.php for the target site, and copies the prior version's database to the target site. Finally, updatedb is run. The intent is for developers to keep re-running this command until they are satisfied with the resulting site. Run this command from within your source site (D6). Note that this command uses pm-download and sql-sync internally so most options for those commands are valid here too.");