function drush_usage_send

8.0.x drush_usage_send()
6.x drush_usage_send()
7.x drush_usage_send()
5.x drush_usage_send()

Set option to send usage to Mongolab.

See usage_drush_exit() for more information.

1 string reference to 'drush_usage_send'
usage_drush_exit in commands/core/
Log and/or send usage data to Mongolab.


commands/core/, line 68
Send scrubbed usage data to drush. Omits arguments and option values in order to assure that no sensitive data is shared. See


function drush_usage_send() {
  $file = _drush_usage_get_file(TRUE);
  if ($file) {
    drush_set_option('drush_usage_send', TRUE);
    drush_set_option('drush_usage_size', 0);
    drush_print(dt('To automatically send anonymous usage data, add the following to a .drushrc.php file: $options[\'drush_usage_send\'] = TRUE;'));
  else {
    return drush_set_error('DRUSH_NO_USAGE_FILE', dt('No usage file; set $options[\'drush_usage_log\'] = TRUE; in a .drushrc.php file to enable.'));