function _views_drush_op_types

8.0.x _views_drush_op_types()
7.x _views_drush_op_types()

Returns an array of op types that can be performed on views.

Return value

array An associative array keyed by op type => action name.

1 call to _views_drush_op_types()
_views_drush_op in commands/core/
Perform operations on view objects.


commands/core/, line 416
Drush integration for views.


function _views_drush_op_types() {
  return array(
    'enable' => array(
      'action' => dt('enabled'),
      'validate' => '_views_drush_view_is_disabled',
    'disable' => array(
      'action' => dt('disabled'),
      'validate' => '_views_drush_view_is_enabled',