function make_generate_makefile_contents

8.0.x make_generate_makefile_contents($projects, $libraries, $core, $defaults)
master make_generate_makefile_contents($projects, $libraries = array(), $core = NULL, $defaults = array())

Generate makefile contents in the appropriate format.

1 call to make_generate_makefile_contents()
make_generate_from_makefile in commands/make/
Write a makefile based on data parsed from a previous makefile.


commands/make/, line 163
Functions for the generate makefile command.


function make_generate_makefile_contents($projects, $libraries, $core, $defaults) {
  $format = drush_get_option('format', 'yaml');
  $func = "make_generate_makefile_contents_$format";
  if (function_exists($func)) {
    $contents = call_user_func($func, $projects, $libraries, $core, $defaults);
  else {
    return drush_set_error('MAKE_UNKNOWN_OUTPUT_FORMAT', dt('Generating makefiles in the :format output format is not yet supported. Implement :func() to add such support.', array(':format' => $format, ':func' => $func)));
  return $contents;