function _make_download_copy

8.0.x _make_download_copy($folder)
6.x _make_download_copy($folder)
7.x _make_download_copy($folder)
master _make_download_copy($folder)

Wrapper to drush_download_copy().


string $folder: The location of the folder to copy.

Return value

string The location of the folder, or FALSE on failure.

1 call to _make_download_copy()
make_download_copy in commands/make/
Copies a folder the specified location.


commands/make/, line 221
Download-specific functions for Drush Make.


function _make_download_copy($folder) {
  if (substr($folder, 0, 7) == 'file://') {
    $folder = substr($folder, 7);

  if (is_dir($folder)) {
    return $folder;
  return FALSE;