function make_download_copy

8.0.x make_download_copy($name, $type, $download, $download_location)
6.x make_download_copy($name, $type, $download, $download_location)
7.x make_download_copy($name, $type, $download, $download_location)
master make_download_copy($name, $type, $download, $download_location)

Copies a folder the specified location.

Return value

mixed The TRUE on success, FALSE on failure.


commands/make/, line 203
Download-specific functions for Drush Make.


function make_download_copy($name, $type, $download, $download_location) {
  if ($folder = _make_download_copy($download['url'])) {
    drush_log(dt('@project copied from @url.', array('@project' => $name, '@url' => $download['url'])), LogLevel::OK);
    return drush_copy_dir($folder, $download_location, FILE_EXISTS_OVERWRITE);
  make_error('COPY_ERROR', dt('Unable to copy @project from @url.', array('@project' => $name, '@url' => $download['url'])));
  return FALSE;