function make_download_factory

8.0.x make_download_factory($name, $type, $download, $download_location)
6.x make_download_factory($name, $type, $download, $download_location)
7.x make_download_factory($name, $type, $download, $download_location)
5.x make_download_factory($name, $type, $download, $download_location)
master make_download_factory($name, $type, $download, $download_location)

Downloads the given package to the destination directory.

Return value

mixed The destination path on success, FALSE on failure.

1 call to make_download_factory()
DrushMakeProject::download in commands/make/
Download a project.


commands/make/, line 13
Download-specific functions for Drush Make.


function make_download_factory($name, $type, $download, $download_location) {
  $function = 'make_download_' . $download['type'];
  if (function_exists($function)) {
    return $function($name, $type, $download, $download_location);
  else {
    return FALSE;