function drush_make_process

8.0.x drush_make_process($directory)
6.x drush_make_process($directory)
7.x drush_make_process($directory)
5.x drush_make_process($directory)
master drush_make_process($directory)

Drush callback: hidden file to process an individual project.


commands/make/, line 214
Drush Make commands.


function drush_make_process($directory) {
  // Set the temporary directory.
  make_tmp(TRUE, $directory);
  $projects = drush_get_option('projects', array());

  $manifest = drush_get_option('manifest', array());

  foreach ($projects as $project) {
    if ($instance = DrushMakeProject::getInstance($project['type'], $project)) {
    else {
      make_error('PROJECT-TYPE', dt('Non-existent project type %type on project %project.', array('%type' => $project['type'], '%project' => $project['name'])));