function make_libraries

8.0.x make_libraries($recursion, $contrib_destination, $info, $build_path, $make_dir)
6.x make_libraries($contrib_destination, $info, $build_path, $make_dir)
7.x make_libraries($recursion, $contrib_destination, $info, $build_path, $make_dir)
5.x make_libraries($contrib_destination, $info, $build_path)
master make_libraries($recursion, $contrib_destination, $info, $build_path, $make_dir)

Process all libraries specified in the make file.

2 calls to make_libraries()
DrushMakeProject::recurse in commands/make/
Recurse to process additional makefiles that may be found during processing.
drush_make in commands/make/
Drush callback; make based on the makefile.


commands/make/, line 998
Drush Make commands.


function make_libraries($recursion, $contrib_destination, $info, $build_path, $make_dir) {
  $libraries = make_prepare_libraries($recursion, $info, $contrib_destination, $build_path, $make_dir);
  if (empty($libraries)) {
  foreach ($libraries as $key => $library) {
    $class = DrushMakeProject::getInstance('library', $library);