function make_project_needs_release_info

8.0.x make_project_needs_release_info($project)
6.x make_project_needs_release_info($project)
7.x make_project_needs_release_info($project)
5.x make_project_needs_release_info($project)
master make_project_needs_release_info($project)

Determine if the release information is required for this project. When it is determined that it is, this potentially results in the use of pm-download to process the project.

If the location of the project is not customized (uses d.o), and one of the following is true, then release information is required:

  • $project['type'] has not been specified
  • $project['download'] has not been specified

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1 call to make_project_needs_release_info()
make_prepare_projects in commands/make/
Gather additional data on all projects specified in the make file.


commands/make/, line 744
Drush Make commands.


function make_project_needs_release_info($project) {
  return isset($project['location'])
  // Only fetch release info if the project type is unknown OR if
  // download attributes are unspecified.
  && (!isset($project['type']) || !isset($project['download']));