class DrushMakeProject_Core

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For processing Drupal core projects.


Expanded class hierarchy of DrushMakeProject_Core


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Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
DrushMakeProject::$downloaded protected property TRUE if download() method has been called successfully, otherwise FALSE.
DrushMakeProject::$download_location protected property Download location to use.
DrushMakeProject::$do_recursion protected property Recursively process any makefiles found in downloaded projects.
DrushMakeProject::$made protected property TRUE if make() has been called, otherwise FALSE.
DrushMakeProject::$manifest protected property Keeps track of projects being processed to prevent recursive conflicts.
DrushMakeProject::$overwrite protected property Default to overwrite to allow recursive builds to process properly.
DrushMakeProject::$self protected static property Keep track of instances.
DrushMakeProject::addLockfile function Add a lock file.
DrushMakeProject::applyPatches function Retrieve and apply any patches specified by the makefile to this project.
DrushMakeProject::buildPath protected function Return the proper path for dependencies to be placed in.
DrushMakeProject::download function Download a project.
DrushMakeProject::generatePath protected function Generate the proper path for this project type.
DrushMakeProject::getInstance public static function Get an instance for the type and project.
DrushMakeProject::getTranslations function Retrieve translations for this project.
DrushMakeProject::make function Build a project.
DrushMakeProject::preprocessLocalFileUrl protected function Rewrite relative URLs and file:/// URLs
DrushMakeProject::processGitInfoFiles function Process info files when downloading things from git.
DrushMakeProject::recurse function Recurse to process additional makefiles that may be found during processing.
DrushMakeProject::removeGitDirectory function Remove the .git directory from a project.
DrushMakeProject::setManifest public function Set the manifest array.
DrushMakeProject_Core::findDownloadLocation function Determine the location to download project to. Overrides DrushMakeProject::findDownloadLocation
DrushMakeProject_Core::__construct protected function Override constructor for core to adjust project info. Overrides DrushMakeProject::__construct


commands/make/, line 593
Drush Make processing classes.

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class DrushMakeProject_Core extends DrushMakeProject {
   * Override constructor for core to adjust project info.
  protected function __construct(&$project) {
    // subdir and contrib_destination are not allowed for core.
    $this->subdir = '';
    $this->contrib_destination = '';

   * Determine the location to download project to.
  function findDownloadLocation() {
    $this->path = $this->download_location = $this->generatePath();
    $this->project_directory = '';
    if (is_dir($this->download_location)) {
      return drush_set_error('MAKE_DIRECTORY_EXISTS', dt('Directory not empty: !directory', array('!directory' => $this->download_location)));
    elseif ($this->download['type'] === 'pm') {
      // pm-download will create the final __build__ directory, so nothing to do
      // here.
    else {
    return $this->download_location;