function _make_is_override_allowed

8.0.x _make_is_override_allowed($option)
6.x _make_is_override_allowed($option)
7.x _make_is_override_allowed($option)
master _make_is_override_allowed($option)

Check if makefile overrides are allowed


array $option: The option to check.

3 calls to _make_is_override_allowed()
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commands/make/, line 521
General utility functions for Drush Make.


function _make_is_override_allowed($option) {
  $allow_override = drush_get_option('allow-override', 'all');

  if ($allow_override == 'all') {
    $allow_override = array();
  elseif (!is_array($allow_override)) {
    $allow_override = _convert_csv_to_array($allow_override);

  if ((empty($allow_override)) || ((in_array($option, $allow_override)) && (!in_array('none', $allow_override)))) {
    return TRUE;
  drush_log(dt("'!option' not allowed; use --allow-override=!option or --allow-override=all to permit", array("!option" => $option)), 'warning');
  return FALSE;