12 calls to make_tmp()

DrushMakeProject::generatePath in commands/make/make.project.inc
Generate the proper path for this project type.
drush_make_process in commands/make/make.drush.inc
Drush callback: hidden file to process an individual project.
make_clean_tmp in commands/make/make.utilities.inc
Removes the temporary build directory. On failed builds, this is handled by drush_register_file_for_deletion().
make_download_bzr in commands/make/make.download.inc
Checks out a Bazaar repository to the specified download location.
make_download_git in commands/make/make.download.inc
Checks out a git repository to the specified download location.
make_md5 in commands/make/make.utilities.inc
Calculate a cksum on each file in the build, and md5 the resulting hashes.
make_move_build in commands/make/make.drush.inc
Move the completed build into place.
make_prepare_install in commands/make/make.utilities.inc
Prepare a Drupal installation, copying default.settings.php to settings.php.
make_projects in commands/make/make.drush.inc
Process all projects specified in the make file.
make_tar in commands/make/make.utilities.inc
@todo drush_archive_dump() also makes a tar. Consolidate?
_make_download_file in commands/make/make.download.inc
Wrapper to drush_download_file().
_make_parse_info_file in commands/make/make.utilities.inc
Parse makefile recursively.