function make_parse_info_file

8.0.x make_parse_info_file($makefile)
6.x make_parse_info_file($makefile, $parsed = TRUE, $makefile_options = array())
7.x make_parse_info_file($makefile)
5.x make_parse_info_file($makefile, $parsed = TRUE)
master make_parse_info_file($makefile)

Helper function to parse a makefile and prune projects.

4 calls to make_parse_info_file()
DrushMakeProject::recurse in commands/make/
Recurse to process additional makefiles that may be found during processing.
drush_make in commands/make/
Drush callback; make based on the makefile.
drush_make_convert in commands/make/
Command callback; convert make file format.
make_generate_from_makefile in commands/make/
Write a makefile based on data parsed from a previous makefile.


commands/make/, line 14
General utility functions for Drush Make.


function make_parse_info_file($makefile) {
  $info = _make_parse_info_file($makefile);

  // Support making just a portion of a make file.
  $include_only = array(
    'projects' => array_filter(drush_get_option_list('projects')),
    'libraries' => array_filter(drush_get_option_list('libraries')),
  $info = make_prune_info_file($info, $include_only);

  if ($info === FALSE || ($info = make_validate_info_file($info)) === FALSE) {
    return FALSE;

  return $info;