function make_prune_info_file

8.0.x make_prune_info_file($info, $include_only = array())
6.x make_prune_info_file($info, $include_only = array())
7.x make_prune_info_file($info, $include_only = array())
5.x make_prune_info_file($info, $include_only = array())
master make_prune_info_file($info, $include_only = array())

Remove entries in the info file in accordance with the options passed in. Entries are either explicitly 'allowed' (with the $include_only parameter) in which case all *other* entries will be excluded.


array $info: A parsed info file.

array $include_only: (Optional) Array keyed by entry type (e.g. 'libraries') against an array of allowed keys for that type. The special value '*' means 'all entries of this type'. If this parameter is omitted, no entries will be excluded.

Return value

array The $info array, pruned if necessary.

1 call to make_prune_info_file()
drush_make in commands/make/
Drush callback; make based on the makefile.


commands/make/, line 98
General utility functions for Drush Make.


function make_prune_info_file($info, $include_only = array()) {

  // We may get passed FALSE in some cases.
  // Also we cannot prune an empty array, so no point in this code running!
  if (empty($info)) {
    return $info;

  // We will accrue an explanation of our activities here.
  $msg = array();
  $msg['scope'] = dt("Drush make restricted to the following entries:");

  $pruned = FALSE;

  if (count(array_filter($include_only))) {
    $pruned = TRUE;
    foreach ($include_only as $type => $keys) {

      if (!isset($info[$type])) {
      // For translating
      // dt("Projects");
      // dt("Libraries");
      $type_title = dt(ucfirst($type));

      // Handle the special '*' value.
      if (in_array('*', $keys)) {
        $msg[$type] = dt("!entry_type: <All>", array('!entry_type' => $type_title));

      // Handle a (possibly empty) array of keys to include/exclude.
      else {
        $info[$type] = array_intersect_key($info[$type], array_fill_keys($keys, 1));
        if (!empty($info[$type])) {
          $msg[$type] = dt("!entry_type: !make_entries", array('!entry_type' => $type_title, '!make_entries' => implode(', ', array_keys($info[$type]))));

  if ($pruned) {
    // Make it clear to the user what's going on.
    drush_log(implode("\n", $msg), 'ok');

    // Throw an error if these restrictions reduced the make to nothing.
    if (empty($info['projects']) && empty($info['libraries'])) {
      // This error mentions the options explicitly to make it as clear as
      // possible to the user why this error has occurred.
      make_error('BUILD_ERROR', dt("All projects and libraries have been excluded. Review the 'projects' and 'libraries' options."));

  return $info;