function _drush_pm_get_releases

4.x _drush_pm_get_releases($requests)

Obtain releases info for given projects and fill in status information.

It does connect directly to the update service and does not depend on a bootstraped site.


$requests: An array of project names optionally with a version.

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commands/pm/, line 1401
The drush Project Manager


function _drush_pm_get_releases($requests) {
  $info = array();

  // Parse out project name and version.
  $requests = pm_parse_project_version($requests);

  // Get release history for each request.
  foreach ($requests as $name => $request) {
    $xml = _drush_pm_get_release_history_xml($request);
    if (!$xml) {

    $project_info = _drush_pm_get_releases_from_xml($xml, $name);
    $info[$name] = $project_info;
  return $info;