function drush_get_projects

8.0.x drush_get_projects(&$extensions = NULL)
6.x drush_get_projects(&$extensions = NULL)
7.x drush_get_projects(&$extensions = NULL)
3.x drush_get_projects()
4.x drush_get_projects(&$extensions = NULL)
5.x drush_get_projects(&$extensions = NULL)
master drush_get_projects(&$extensions = NULL)

Obtain an array of installed projects off the extensions available.

A project is considered to be 'enabled' when any of its extensions is enabled. If any extension lacks project information and it is found that the extension was obtained from's cvs or git repositories, a new 'vcs' attribute will be set on the extension. Example: $extensions[name]->vcs = 'cvs';


array $extensions.: Array of extensions as returned by drush_get_extensions().

Return value

Array of installed projects with info of version, status and provided

  • extensions.

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commands/pm/, line 359
The drush Project Manager


function drush_get_projects(&$extensions = NULL) {
  if (is_null($extensions)) {
    $extensions = drush_get_extensions();
  $projects = array('drupal' => array('version' => VERSION));
  foreach ($extensions as $extension) {
    // The project name is not available in this cases:
    // 1. the extension is part of drupal core.
    // 2. the project was checked out from CVS/git and cvs_deploy/git_deploy
    // is not installed.
    // 3. it is not a project hosted in
    if (empty($extension->info['project'])) {
      if (isset($extension->info['version']) && ($extension->info['version'] == VERSION)) {
        $project = 'drupal';
      else {
        if (is_dir(dirname($extension->filename) . '/CVS') && (!module_exists('cvs_deploy'))) {
          $extension->vcs = 'cvs';
          drush_log(dt('Extension !extension is fetched from cvs. Ignoring.', array('!extension' => $extension->name)), 'debug');
        elseif (is_dir(dirname($extension->filename) . '/.git') && (!module_exists('git_deploy'))) {
          $extension->vcs = 'git';
          drush_log(dt('Extension !extension is fetched from git. Ignoring.', array('!extension' => $extension->name)), 'debug');
    else {
      $project = $extension->info['project'];
    // Create/update the project in $projects with the project data.
    if (!isset($projects[$project])) {
      $projects[$project] = array(
        'type' => $extension->type,
        'version' => $extension->info['version'],
        'status' => $extension->status,
        'extensions' => array(),
      if (isset($extension->info['project status url'])) {
        $projects[$project]['status url'] = $extension->info['project status url'];
    elseif ($extension->status != 0) {
      $projects[$project]['status'] = $extension->status;
    $projects[$project]['extensions'][] = $extension->name;

  return $projects;