function drush_pm_cache_project_extensions

8.0.x drush_pm_cache_project_extensions($project, $found)
6.x drush_pm_cache_project_extensions($project, $found)
7.x drush_pm_cache_project_extensions($project, $found)
4.x drush_pm_cache_project_extensions($project, $found)
5.x drush_pm_cache_project_extensions($project, $found)
master drush_pm_cache_project_extensions($project, $found)

Store extensions founds within a project in extensions cache.

1 call to drush_pm_cache_project_extensions()
drush_pm_extensions_in_project in commands/pm/
Print out all extensions (modules/themes/profiles) found in specified project.


commands/pm/, line 2016
The drush Project Manager


function drush_pm_cache_project_extensions($project, $found) {
  $extension_cache = _drush_pm_get_extension_cache();
  foreach ($found as $extension) {
    // Simple cache does not handle conflicts
    // We could keep an array of projects, and count
    // how many times each one has been seen...
    $extension_cache[$extension] = $project['name'];