function drush_pm_classify_extensions

8.0.x drush_pm_classify_extensions(&$extensions, &$modules, &$themes, $extension_info)
6.x drush_pm_classify_extensions(&$extensions, &$modules, &$themes, $extension_info)
7.x drush_pm_classify_extensions(&$extensions, &$modules, &$themes, $extension_info)
4.x drush_pm_classify_extensions(&$extensions, &$modules, &$themes, $extension_info)
5.x drush_pm_classify_extensions(&$extensions, &$modules, &$themes, $extension_info)
master drush_pm_classify_extensions(&$extensions, &$modules, &$themes, $extension_info)

Classify extensions as modules, themes or unknown.


$extensions: Array of extension names, by reference.

$modules: Empty array to be filled with modules in the provided extension list.

$themes: Empty array to be filled with themes in the provided extension list.

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commands/pm/, line 625
The drush Project Manager


function drush_pm_classify_extensions(&$extensions, &$modules, &$themes, $extension_info) {
  _drush_pm_expand_extensions($extensions, $extension_info);
  foreach ($extensions as $extension) {
    if (!isset($extension_info[$extension])) {
    $type = drush_extension_get_type($extension_info[$extension]);
    if ($type == 'module') {
      $modules[$extension] = $extension;
    else if ($type == 'theme') {
      $themes[$extension] = $extension;