function drush_pm_post_pm_updatecode

8.0.x drush_pm_post_pm_updatecode()
6.x drush_pm_post_pm_updatecode()
7.x drush_pm_post_pm_updatecode()
3.x drush_pm_post_pm_updatecode()
4.x drush_pm_post_pm_updatecode()
5.x drush_pm_post_pm_updatecode()
master drush_pm_post_pm_updatecode()

Post-command callback for updatecode.

Execute pm-updatecode-postupdate in a backend process to not conflict with old code already in memory.


commands/pm/, line 1378
The drush Project Manager


function drush_pm_post_pm_updatecode() {
  // Skip if updatecode was invoked by pm-update.
  // This way we avoid being noisy, as updatedb is to be executed.
  if (drush_get_option('check-updatedb', TRUE)) {
    if (drush_get_context('DRUSH_PM_UPDATED', FALSE)) {
      drush_invoke_process('@self', 'pm-updatecode-postupdate');