function pm_drush_engine_package_handler

8.0.x pm_drush_engine_package_handler()
6.x pm_drush_engine_package_handler()
7.x pm_drush_engine_package_handler()
3.x pm_drush_engine_package_handler()
4.x pm_drush_engine_package_handler()
5.x pm_drush_engine_package_handler()
master pm_drush_engine_package_handler()

Used by dl and updatecode commands to determine how to download/checkout new projects and acquire updates to projects.


commands/pm/, line 1183
The drush Package Manager


function pm_drush_engine_package_handler() {
  return array(
    'wget' => array(),
    'cvs' => array(
      'options' => array(
        '--package-handler=cvs' => 'Use CVS to checkout and update projects.',
        '  --cvsparams' => 'Add options to the `cvs` program',
        '  --cvsmethod' => 'Force cvs updates or checkouts (checkout is default unless the directory is managed by a supported version control system).',
        '  --cvscredentials' => 'A username and password that is sent for cvs checkout command. Defaults to anonymous:anonymous',
      'examples' => array(
        'drush [command] cck --cvscredentials=\"name:password\"' => 'Checkout should use these credentials.',
        'drush [command] cck --cvsparams=\"-C\"' => 'Overwrite all local changes (Quotes are required).',
        'drush [command] cck --cvsmethod=update' => 'Will update the project, and try to merge changes, rather than overwriting them. Any conflicts will need to be resolved manually.',