function pm_drush_engine_package_handler

8.0.x pm_drush_engine_package_handler()
6.x pm_drush_engine_package_handler()
7.x pm_drush_engine_package_handler()
3.x pm_drush_engine_package_handler()
4.x pm_drush_engine_package_handler()
5.x pm_drush_engine_package_handler()
master pm_drush_engine_package_handler()

Used by dl and updatecode commands to determine how to download/checkout new projects and acquire updates to projects.

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commands/pm/, line 1417
The drush Project Manager


function pm_drush_engine_package_handler() {
  return array(
    'wget' => array(
      'description' => 'Download project packages using wget or curl.',
    'git_drupalorg' => array(
      'description' => 'Use to checkout and update projects.',
      'options' => array(
        'gitusername' => 'Your git username as shown on user/[uid]/edit/git. Typically, this is set this in drushrc.php. Omitting this prevents users from pushing changes back to',
        'gitsubmodule' => 'Use git submodules for checking out new projects. Existing git checkouts are unaffected, and will continue to (not) use submodules regardless of this setting.',
        'gitcheckoutparams' => 'Add options to the `git checkout` command.',
        'gitcloneparams' => 'Add options to the `git clone` command.',
        'gitfetchparams' => 'Add options to the `git fetch` command.',
        'gitpullparams' => 'Add options to the `git pull` command.',
        'gitinfofile' => 'Inject version info into each .info file.',
      'sub-options' => array(
        'gitsubmodule' => array(
          'gitsubmoduleaddparams' => 'Add options to the `git submodule add` command.',