function pm_drush_engine_update_status

8.0.x pm_drush_engine_update_status()
7.x pm_drush_engine_update_status()
master pm_drush_engine_update_status()

Implements hook_drush_engine_ENGINE_TYPE().

Update status engine is used to check available updates for the projects in a Drupal site.

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commands/pm/, line 1803
The drush Project Manager


function pm_drush_engine_update_status() {
  return array(
    'drupal' => array(
      'description' => 'Check available updates with update.module.',
      'drupal dependencies' => array('update'),
      'class' => 'Drush\UpdateService\StatusInfoDrupal',
    'drush' => array(
      'description' => 'Check available updates without update.module.',
      'class' => 'Drush\UpdateService\StatusInfoDrush',