function pm_parse_request

8.0.x pm_parse_request($request_string, $status_url = NULL, &$projects = array())
7.x pm_parse_request($request_string, $status_url = NULL, &$projects = array())
master pm_parse_request($request_string, $status_url = NULL, &$projects = array())

Parse out the project name and version and return as a structured array.


string $request_string: Project name with optional version. Examples: 'ctools-7.x-1.0-beta1'

Return value

array Array with all parts of the request info.

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commands/pm/, line 1657
The drush Project Manager


function pm_parse_request($request_string, $status_url = NULL, &$projects = array()) {
  $request = array();

  // Split $request_string in project name and version. Note that hyphens (-)
  // are permitted in project names (ex: field-conditional-state).
  // We use a regex to split the string. The pattern used matches a string
  // starting with hyphen, followed by one or more numbers, any of the valid
  // symbols in version strings (.x-) and a catchall for the rest of the
  // version string.
  $parts = preg_split('/-(?:([\d+\.x].*))?$/', $request_string, NULL, PREG_SPLIT_DELIM_CAPTURE);

  if (count($parts) == 1) {
    // No version in the request string.
    $project = $request_string;
    $version = '';
  else {
    $project = $parts[0];
    $version = $parts[1];

  $is_core = ($project == 'drupal');
  $request = array(
    'name' => $project,
  ) + pm_parse_version($version, $is_core);

  // Set the status url if provided or available in project's info file.
  if ($status_url) {
    $request['status url'] = $status_url;
  elseif (!empty($projects[$project]['status url'])) {
    $request['status url'] = $projects[$project]['status url'];

  return $request;