function release_info_check_project

6.x release_info_check_project($request, $type = NULL)
5.x release_info_check_project($request, $type = NULL)

Check if a project is available in a update service.

Optionally check for consistency by comparing given project type and the type obtained from the update service.

3 calls to release_info_check_project()
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commands/pm/release_info/, line 127
Drush release info engine for and compatible services.


function release_info_check_project($request, $type = NULL) {
  $xml = updatexml_get_release_history_xml($request);
  if (!$xml) {
    return FALSE;

  if ($type) {
    $project_type = updatexml_determine_project_type($xml);
    if ($project_type != $type) {
      return FALSE;

  return TRUE;