function pm_update_project

8.0.x pm_update_project($project, $version_control)
6.x pm_update_project($project, $version_control)
7.x pm_update_project($project, $version_control)
3.x pm_update_project($project, $version_control)
4.x pm_update_project($project, $version_control)
5.x pm_update_project($project, $version_control)
master pm_update_project($project, $version_control)

Update one project -- a module, theme or Drupal core.


$project: The project to upgrade. $project['full_project_path'] must be set to the location where this project is stored.

2 calls to pm_update_project()
pm_update_packages in commands/pm/
Update projects according to an array of releases and print the release notes for each project, following interactive confirmation from the user.
_pm_update_core in commands/pm/
Update drupal core, following interactive confirmation from the user.


commands/pm/, line 337
pm-updatecode command implementation.


function pm_update_project($project, $version_control) {
  // 1. If the version control engine is a proper vcs we need to remove project
  // files in order to not have orphan files after update.
  // 2. If the package-handler is cvs or git, it will remove upstream removed
  // files and no orphans will exist after update.
  // So, we must remove all files previous update if the directory is not a
  // working copy of cvs or git but we don't need to remove them if the version
  // control engine is backup, as it did already move the project out to the
  // backup directory.
  if (($version_control->engine != 'backup') && (drush_get_option('package-handler', 'wget') == 'wget')) {
    // Find and unlink all files but the ones in the vcs control directories.
    $skip_list = array('.', '..');
    $skip_list = array_merge($skip_list, drush_version_control_reserved_files());
    drush_scan_directory($project['full_project_path'], '/.*/', $skip_list, 'unlink', TRUE, 'filename', 0, TRUE);

  // Add the project to a context so we can roll back if needed.
  $updated = drush_get_context('DRUSH_PM_UPDATED');
  $updated[] = $project;
  drush_set_context('DRUSH_PM_UPDATED', $updated);

  if (!package_handler_update_project($project, $project['releases'][$project['candidate_version']])) {
    return drush_set_error('DRUSH_PM_UPDATING_FAILED', dt('Updating project !project failed. Attempting to roll back to previously installed version.', array('!project' => $project['name'])));

  // If the version control engine is a proper vcs we also need to remove
  // orphan directories.
  if (($version_control->engine != 'backup') && (drush_get_option('package-handler', 'wget') == 'wget')) {
    $files = drush_find_empty_directories($project['full_project_path'], $version_control->reserved_files());
    array_map('drush_delete_dir', $files);

  return TRUE;