function runserver_drush_help

8.0.x runserver_drush_help($section)
6.x runserver_drush_help($section)
7.x runserver_drush_help($section)
5.x runserver_drush_help($section)
master runserver_drush_help($section)

Implements hook_drush_help().


commands/runserver/, line 11
Built in http server commands.


function runserver_drush_help($section) {
  switch ($section) {
    case 'meta:runserver:title':
      return dt("Runserver commands");
    case 'meta:runserver:summary':
      return dt('Launch the built-in PHP webserver.');
    case 'drush:runserver':
      return dt("Runs a lightweight built in http server for development.
 - Don't use this for production, it is neither scalable nor secure for this use.
 - If you run multiple servers simultaneously, you will need to assign each a unique port.
 - Use Ctrl-C or equivalent to stop the server when complete.");