function _drush_sql_get_post_sync_messages

8.0.x _drush_sql_get_post_sync_messages()
6.x _drush_sql_get_post_sync_messages()
7.x _drush_sql_get_post_sync_messages()
4.x _drush_sql_get_post_sync_messages()
5.x _drush_sql_get_post_sync_messages()
master _drush_sql_get_post_sync_messages()

Builds a confirmation message for all post-sync operations.

Return value

string All post-sync operation messages concatenated together.

1 call to _drush_sql_get_post_sync_messages()
drush_sql_sanitize in commands/sql/
Command callback. Runs the sanitization operations on the current database.


commands/sql/, line 536
Drush sql commands


function _drush_sql_get_post_sync_messages() {
  $messages = '';
  $operations = drush_get_context('post-sync-ops');
  if (!empty($operations)) {
    $messages = dt('The following operations will be done on the target database:') . "\n";

    $bullets = array_column($operations, 'message');
    $messages .= " * " . implode("\n * ", $bullets) . "\n";
  return $messages;