function drush_sql_bootstrap_further

8.0.x drush_sql_bootstrap_further()
6.x drush_sql_bootstrap_further()
7.x drush_sql_bootstrap_further()
4.x drush_sql_bootstrap_further()
5.x drush_sql_bootstrap_further()
master drush_sql_bootstrap_further()

Check whether further bootstrap is needed. If so, do it.

6 calls to drush_sql_bootstrap_further()
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drush_sql_dump_execute in commands/sql/
Command callback. Outputs the entire Drupal database in SQL format using mysqldump.
drush_sql_query in commands/sql/
Command callback. Executes the given SQL query on the Drupal database.

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commands/sql/, line 173
Drush sql commands


function drush_sql_bootstrap_further() {
  if (!drush_get_option('db-url')) {