function drush_sql_dump_execute

6.x drush_sql_dump_execute()
3.x drush_sql_dump_execute()
4.x drush_sql_dump_execute()
5.x drush_sql_dump_execute()

Command callback. Outputs the entire Drupal database in SQL format using mysqldump.

1 string reference to 'drush_sql_dump_execute'
sql_drush_command in commands/sql/
Implementation of hook_drush_command().


commands/sql/, line 182
Drush sql commands


function drush_sql_dump_execute() {
  $exec = drush_sql_dump();
  // Avoid the php memory of the $output array in drush_shell_exec().
  $return = drush_op('system', $exec);
  return $return;