function drush_sql_empty_db

6.x drush_sql_empty_db($db_spec)
4.x drush_sql_empty_db($db_spec = NULL)
5.x drush_sql_empty_db($db_spec = NULL)
2 calls to drush_sql_empty_db()
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commands/sql/, line 919
Drush sql commands


function drush_sql_empty_db($db_spec = NULL) {
  if (is_null($db_spec)) {
    $db_spec = _drush_sql_get_db_spec();
  $sql = drush_sql_build_createdb_sql($db_spec, TRUE);
  // Get credentials to connect to the server, but not the database which we
  // are about to DROP. @see _drush_sql_get_credentials().
  $create_db_spec = $db_spec;
  $create_db_su = drush_sql_su($create_db_spec);
  if (!_drush_sql_query($sql, $create_db_su)) {
    // If we could not drop the database, try instead to drop all
    // of the tables in the database (presuming it exists...).
    // If we cannot do either operation, then fail with an error.
    if (!_drush_sql_drop($db_spec)) {
      return drush_set_error(dt('Could not drop and create database: @name', array('@name' => $db_name)));
  return TRUE;