function drush_sql_get_table_selection

8.0.x drush_sql_get_table_selection()
6.x drush_sql_get_table_selection()
7.x drush_sql_get_table_selection()
3.x drush_sql_get_table_selection()
4.x drush_sql_get_table_selection()
5.x drush_sql_get_table_selection()
master drush_sql_get_table_selection()
2 calls to drush_sql_get_table_selection()
drush_sql_dump in commands/sql/
Build a mysqldump statement.
_drush_sql_sync in commands/sql/


commands/sql/, line 189
Drush sql commands


function drush_sql_get_table_selection() {
  // Skip large core tables if instructed.  Also used by 'sql-sync' command.
  $skip_tables = _drush_sql_get_table_list('skip-tables');
  // Skip any structure-tables as well.
  $structure_tables = _drush_sql_get_table_list('structure-tables');
  // Dump only the specified tables.  Takes precedence over skip-tables and structure-tables.
  $tables = _drush_sql_get_table_list('tables');

  return array(
    'skip' => $skip_tables,
    'structure' => $structure_tables,
    'tables' => $tables,