function drush_sql_get_version

8.0.x drush_sql_get_version()
7.x drush_sql_get_version()
master drush_sql_get_version()

Wrapper for drush_get_class; instantiates a Drupal version-specific instance of SqlVersion class.

Return value


3 calls to drush_sql_get_version()
drush_sql_conf in commands/sql/
Command callback. Displays the Drupal site's database connection string.
drush_sql_get_class in commands/sql/
Wrapper for drush_get_class; instantiates an driver-specific instance of SqlBase class.
drush_valid_db_credentials in includes/
Tests the currently loaded database credentials to ensure a database connection can be made.


commands/sql/, line 597
Drush sql commands


function drush_sql_get_version() {
  return drush_get_class('Drush\Sql\Sql', array(), array(drush_drupal_major_version())) ? : NULL;