function _drush_user_get_users_from_arguments

6.x _drush_user_get_users_from_arguments($users)
4.x _drush_user_get_users_from_arguments($users)
5.x _drush_user_get_users_from_arguments($users)

Given a comma-separated list of users, return uids for users that match either by uid or email address.

2 calls to _drush_user_get_users_from_arguments()
drush_user_information in commands/user/
Prints information about the specified user(s).
_drush_user_get_users_from_options_and_arguments in commands/user/
Return the list of matching uids given


commands/user/, line 445
Drush User Management commands


function _drush_user_get_users_from_arguments($users) {
  $uids = array();
  if ($users !== '') {
    $users = explode(',', $users);
    foreach ($users as $user) {
      $uid = _drush_user_get_uid($user);
      if ($uid !== FALSE) {
        $uids[] = $uid;
  return $uids;