function xh_drush_help_alter

8.0.x xh_drush_help_alter(&$command)
7.x xh_drush_help_alter(&$command)
master xh_drush_help_alter(&$command)

Implements hook_drush_help_alter().


commands/, line 18


function xh_drush_help_alter(&$command) {
  if ($command['command'] == 'global-options') {
    // Do not include these in options in standard help.
    if ($command['#brief'] === FALSE) {
      $command['options']['xh'] = array(
        'description' => 'Enable profiling via XHProf',
      $command['sub-options']['xh']['xh-link'] = 'URL to your XHProf report site.';
      $command['sub-options']['xh']['xh-path'] = 'Absolute path to the xhprof project.';
      $command['sub-options']['xh']['xh-profile-builtins'] = 'Profile built-in PHP functions (defaults to TRUE).';
      $command['sub-options']['xh']['xh-profile-cpu'] = 'Profile CPU (defaults to FALSE).';
      $command['sub-options']['xh']['xh-profile-memory'] = 'Profile Memory (defaults to FALSE).';