Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Location Description
DRUSH_APPLICATION_ERROR includes/ The command that was executed resulted in an application error, The most commom causes for this is invalid PHP or a broken SSH pipe when using drush_backend_invoke in a distributed manner.
DRUSH_BACKEND_OUTPUT_DELIMITER includes/ Identify the JSON encoded output from a command.
DRUSH_BASE_PATH ./drush.php
DRUSH_BOOTSTRAP_DRUPAL_CONFIGURATION includes/ Load the settings from the Drupal sites directory.
DRUSH_BOOTSTRAP_DRUPAL_DATABASE includes/ Connect to the Drupal database using the database credentials loaded during the previous bootstrap phase.
DRUSH_BOOTSTRAP_DRUPAL_FULL includes/ Fully initialize Drupal.
DRUSH_BOOTSTRAP_DRUPAL_LOGIN includes/ Log in to the initialiased Drupal site.
DRUSH_BOOTSTRAP_DRUPAL_ROOT includes/ Set up and test for a valid drupal root, either through the -r/--root options, or evaluated based on the current working directory.
DRUSH_BOOTSTRAP_DRUPAL_SITE includes/ Set up a Drupal site directory and the correct environment variables to allow Drupal to find the configuration file.
DRUSH_BOOTSTRAP_DRUSH includes/ Only bootstrap Drush, without any Drupal specific code.
DRUSH_DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP includes/ The indicator for a Drupal installation folder.
DRUSH_DRUPAL_KILOBYTE includes/ The number of bytes in a kilobyte. Copied from Drupal.
DRUSH_FRAMEWORK_ERROR includes/ The command could not be completed because the framework has specified errors that have occured.
DRUSH_PM_NO_VERSION commands/pm/ User requested version already installed.
DRUSH_PM_REQUESTED_CURRENT commands/pm/ User requested version already installed.
DRUSH_PM_REQUESTED_NOT_FOUND commands/pm/ User requested version not found.
DRUSH_PM_REQUESTED_UPDATE commands/pm/ Project is a user requested version update.
DRUSH_SUCCESS includes/ The command completed successfully.
DRUSH_TABLE_URL includes/ URL for automatic file download for supported version of Console Table.
DRUSH_TABLE_VERSION includes/ Supported version of Console Table. This is displayed in the manual install help.
MAINTENANCE_MODE commands/core/drupal/ @file Update.php for provisioned sites. This file is a derivative of the standard drupal update.php, which has been modified to allow being run from the command line.
MAINTENANCE_MODE commands/core/drupal/ Global flag to identify update.php run, and so avoid various unwanted operations, such as hook_init() and hook_exit() invokes, css/js preprocessing and translation, and solve some theming issues. This flag is checked on several places in Drupal code…