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MAINTENANCE_MODE commands/core/drupal/
MAINTENANCE_MODE commands/core/drupal/ Global flag to identify update.php run, and so avoid various unwanted operations, such as hook_init() and hook_exit() invokes, css/js preprocessing and translation, and solve some theming issues. This flag is checked on several places in Drupal code…
MAKE_DEFAULT_L10N_SERVER commands/make/ Default localization server for downloading translations.
MAKE_API commands/make/ Make refuses to build makefiles whose api version is mismatched with make command.
DRUSH_UPDATESTATUS_NOT_SECURE commands/pm/ Project is missing security update(s).
DRUSH_UPDATESTATUS_REVOKED commands/pm/ Current release has been unpublished and is no longer available.
DRUSH_UPDATESTATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED commands/pm/ Current release is no longer supported by the project maintainer.
DRUSH_UPDATESTATUS_NOT_CURRENT commands/pm/ Project has a new release available, but it is not a security release.
DRUSH_UPDATESTATUS_CURRENT commands/pm/ Project is up to date.
DRUSH_UPDATESTATUS_NOT_CHECKED commands/pm/ Project's status cannot be checked.
DRUSH_UPDATESTATUS_UNKNOWN commands/pm/ No available update data was found for project.
DRUSH_UPDATESTATUS_NOT_FETCHED commands/pm/ There was a failure fetching available update data for this project.
DRUSH_UPDATESTATUS_FETCH_PENDING commands/pm/ We need to (re)fetch available update data for this project.
DRUSH_UPDATESTATUS_PROJECT_NOT_PACKAGED commands/pm/ Project was not packaged by
DRUSH_UPDATESTATUS_REQUESTED_PROJECT_NOT_UPDATEABLE commands/pm/ Requested project is not updateable.
DRUSH_UPDATESTATUS_REQUESTED_PROJECT_NOT_FOUND commands/pm/ Requested project not found.
DRUSH_UPDATESTATUS_REQUESTED_VERSION_NOT_FOUND commands/pm/ Requested version not found.
DRUSH_UPDATESTATUS_REQUESTED_VERSION_NOT_CURRENT commands/pm/ Requested version available.
DRUSH_UPDATESTATUS_REQUESTED_VERSION_CURRENT commands/pm/ Requested version already installed.
DRUSH_BACKEND_OUTPUT_START includes/ Identify the JSON encoded output from a command.
DRUSH_BACKEND_PACKET_START includes/ Identify JSON encoded "packets" embedded inside of backend output; used to send out-of-band information durring a backend invoke call (currently only used for log and error messages).
DRUSH_BOOTSTRAP_NONE includes/ No bootstrap.
DRUSH_BOOTSTRAP_MAX includes/ Use drush_bootstrap_max instead of drush_bootstrap_to_phase
DRUSH_BOOTSTRAP_DRUSH includes/ @deprecated
DRUSH_BOOTSTRAP_DRUPAL_ROOT includes/ Set up and test for a valid drupal root, either through the -r/--root options, or evaluated based on the current working directory.
DRUSH_BOOTSTRAP_DRUPAL_SITE includes/ Set up a Drupal site directory and the correct environment variables to allow Drupal to find the configuration file.
DRUSH_BOOTSTRAP_DRUPAL_CONFIGURATION includes/ Load the settings from the Drupal sites directory.
DRUSH_BOOTSTRAP_DRUPAL_DATABASE includes/ Connect to the Drupal database using the database credentials loaded during the previous bootstrap phase.
DRUSH_BOOTSTRAP_DRUPAL_FULL includes/ Fully initialize Drupal.
DRUSH_BOOTSTRAP_DRUPAL_LOGIN includes/ Log in to the initialiased Drupal site.
DRUSH_CACHE_PERMANENT includes/ Indicates that the item should never be removed unless explicitly selected.
DRUSH_CACHE_TEMPORARY includes/ Indicates that the item should be removed at the next general cache wipe.
DRUSH_SUCCESS includes/ The command completed successfully.
DRUSH_FRAMEWORK_ERROR includes/ The command could not be completed because the framework has specified errors that have occured.
DRUSH_EXITCODE_USER_ABORT includes/ The command was aborted because the user chose to cancel it at some prompt. This exit code is arbitrarily the same as EX_TEMPFAIL in sysexits.h, although note that shell error codes are distinct from C exit codes, so this alignment not meaningful.
DRUSH_APPLICATION_ERROR includes/ The command that was executed resulted in an application error, The most commom causes for this is invalid PHP or a broken SSH pipe when using drush_backend_invoke in a distributed manner.
DRUSH_KILOBYTE includes/ The number of bytes in a kilobyte. Copied from Drupal.
DRUSH_CACHE_LIFETIME_DEFAULT includes/ Default amount of time, in seconds, to cache downloads via drush_download_file(). One day is 86400 seconds.
FILE_EXISTS_ABORT includes/ Behavior for drush_copy_dir() and drush_move_dir() when destinations exist.
PSQL_SHOW_TABLES lib/Drush/Sql/Sqlpgsql.php