function hook_drush_sitealias_alter

8.0.x drush.api.php hook_drush_sitealias_alter(&$alias_record)
master drush.api.php hook_drush_sitealias_alter(&$alias_record)

Adjust the contents of a site alias.

1 function implements hook_drush_sitealias_alter()

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policy_drush_sitealias_alter in examples/
Implements hook_drush_sitealias_alter


./drush.api.php, line 208
Documentation of the Drush API.


function hook_drush_sitealias_alter(&$alias_record) {
  // If the alias is "remote", but the remote site is
  // the system this command is running on, convert the
  // alias record to a local alias.
  if (isset($alias_record['remote-host'])) {
    $uname = php_uname('n');
    if ($alias_record['remote-host'] == $uname) {