function policy_drush_help_alter

8.0.x policy_drush_help_alter($command)
6.x policy_drush_help_alter($command)
7.x policy_drush_help_alter($command)
5.x policy_drush_help_alter($command)

Implements hook_drush_help_alter().

When a hook extends a command with additional options, it must implement help alter and declare the option(s). Doing so will add the option to the help text for the modified command, and will also allow the new option to be specified on the command line. Without this, Drush will fail with an error when a user attempts to use the option.


examples/, line 81
Example policy commandfile. Modify as desired.


function policy_drush_help_alter($command) {
  if ($command['command'] == 'updatedb') {
    $command['options']['token'] = 'Per site policy, you must specify a token in the --token option for all commands.';