function sync_via_http_drush_help_alter

8.0.x sync_via_http_drush_help_alter(&$command)
6.x sync_via_http_drush_help_alter(&$command)
7.x sync_via_http_drush_help_alter(&$command)
5.x sync_via_http_drush_help_alter(&$command)
master sync_via_http_drush_help_alter(&$command)

Implements hook_drush_help_alter().

When a hook extends a command with additional options, it must implement help alter and declare the option(s). Doing so will add the option to the help text for the modified command, and will also allow the new option to be specified on the command line. Without this, Drush will fail with an error when a user attempts to use the option.


examples/, line 53
Example "Sync via HTTP" sql-sync command alter.


function sync_via_http_drush_help_alter(&$command) {
  if ($command['command'] == 'sql-sync') {
    $command['options']['http-sync'] = "Copy the database via http instead of rsync.  Value is the url that the existing database dump can be found at.";
    $command['sub-options']['http-sync']['http-sync-user'] = "Username for the protected directory containing the sql dump.";
    $command['sub-options']['http-sync']['http-sync-password'] = "Password for the same directory.";