function xkcd_drush_help

8.0.x xkcd_drush_help($section)
6.x xkcd_drush_help($section)
7.x xkcd_drush_help($section)
4.x xkcd_drush_help($section)
5.x xkcd_drush_help($section)
master xkcd_drush_help($section)

Implementation of hook_drush_help().

This function is called whenever a drush user calls 'drush help <name-of-your-command>'. This hook is optional. If a command does not implement this hook, the command's description is used instead.

This hook is also used to look up help metadata, such as help category title and summary. See the comments below for a description.


A string with the help section (prepend with 'drush:'):

Return value

A string with the help text for your command.


examples/, line 76
Example drush command.


function xkcd_drush_help($section) {
  switch ($section) {
    case 'drush:xkcd-fetch':
      return dt("A command line tool (1) for a web site tool (2), that emulates
(badly) a web based tool (3) that emulates (badly) a command line tool (4) to
access a web site (5) with awesome geek humor.\n
(1) Drush
(2) Drupal
(4) BASH