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File name Location Namespacesort descending Description drush_version=5.12-dev #!/bin/bash # BASH completion script for Drush. # # Place this in your /etc/bash_completion.d/ directory or source it from your # ~/.bash_completion or ~/.bash_profile files. Alternatively, source # examples/example.bashrc instead, as it will…
drush.php drush.php drush is a PHP script implementing a command line shell for Drupal.
commandUnitTest.php tests/commandUnitTest.php
filesystemTest.php tests/filesystemTest.php
makeTest.php tests/makeTest.php
shellAliasTest.php tests/shellAliasTest.php
coreTest.php tests/coreTest.php
runner.php tests/runner.php A nearly verbatim copy of phpunit script that ships with PEAR's PHPUnit.
siteIntallD6Test.php tests/siteIntallD6Test.php
releaseInfoTest.php tests/releaseInfoTest.php
sqlSyncTest.php tests/sqlSyncTest.php
generateMakeTest.php tests/generateMakeTest.php
watchdogTest.php tests/watchdogTest.php
imageTest.php tests/imageTest.php
siteSshTest.php tests/siteSshTest.php
COVERAGE.txt tests/COVERAGE.txt COMMANDS ------------ pm-download: GOOD. need test for `pm-download --select` (hard to test; depends on state of project releases on d.o.) pm-updatecode: GOOD. pm-update: GOOD. Implicitly tested by pm-updatecode and…
siteSetUnitTest.php tests/siteSetUnitTest.php
drushScriptTest.php tests/drushScriptTest.php
quickDrupalTest.php tests/quickDrupalTest.php
commandSpecificTest.php tests/commandSpecificTest.php
variableTest.php tests/variableTest.php
commandTest.php tests/commandTest.php
batchTest.php tests/batchTest.php Tests the drush batch subsystem.
backendTest.php tests/backendTest.php
siteAliasTest.php tests/siteAliasTest.php
siteSetTest.php tests/siteSetTest.php
userTest.php tests/userTest.php
completeTest.php tests/completeTest.php tests/ Commands and options for complete unit tests, to avoid relying on the ever-changing core command set.
pmUpdateCodeTest.php tests/pmUpdateCodeTest.php Prepare a codebase and upgrade it in several stages, exercising updatecode's filters. @todo test security-only once one of these modules or core gets a security release.
pmEnDisUnListTest.php tests/pmEnDisUnListTest.php Tests for enable, disable, uninstall, pm-list commands.
queueTest.php tests/queueTest.php
contextTest.php tests/contextTest.php tests/
fieldTest.php tests/fieldTest.php
sqlConnectTest.php tests/sqlConnectTest.php tests/ tests/ Commands and options for complete unit tests, to avoid relying on the ever-changing core command set.
pmDownloadTest.php tests/pmDownloadTest.php
cacheCommandTest.php tests/cacheCommandTest.php
archiveDumpTest.php tests/archiveDumpTest.php
context.html docs/context.html
make.txt docs/make.txt Drush make ---------- Drush make is an extension to drush that can create a ready-to-use drupal site, pulling sources from various locations. It does this by parsing a flat text file (similar to a drupal `.info` file) and downloading the sources it…
shellscripts.html docs/shellscripts.html
commands.html docs/commands.html
drush.api.php docs/drush.api.php Documentation of the Drush API.
bootstrap.html docs/bootstrap.html
cron.html docs/cron.html
strict-options.html docs/strict-options.html